Gordon Murray T.33 Arrives With 607 Horsepower, Daily-Driving Suitability

    January 28th 2022     Suhail Ajmal

Gordon Murray Automotive has finally introduced the superb T.50’s successor. The GMA T.33 isn’t as uncompromising as its big brother, but with a naturally-aspirated 3.9-liter V12 generating 607-horsepower (453-kilowatt) and moving the rear wheels in a 2,400-pound supercar, uncompromising is a comparative expression here.


Let’s first talk about the powerplant of the new GMA supercar, which is a modified variant of the same Cosworth-sourced V12 mill as we find in the T.50. It revs lower than the T.50, but the redline figure is still very healthy at 11,100-rpm.

The maximum output comes at 10,500 revs, with 333 pound-feet (451 Newton-meters) of top torque available at 9,500 rpm. The good thing is 75 per cent of that torque comes at 2,500 rpm, so you will not feel any sluggishness. Contrasting to 12,100-rpm T.50, the new model is slightly cozier at lower revs, but it is still a very excitable supercar.


Moving the GMA T.33 is a six-speed manual transmission with three-pedal stick shift. A six-speed paddle-shift transmission is optional. The automaker asserts the Xtrac paddle-shift box is not only the lightest at 172 pounds, but is also the fastest in shifting.

The mill isn’t very heavy either at 392 pounds. GMA fixed everything into a carbon fibre monocoque chassis that employs abundant aluminium, giving the supercar a better power-to-weight ratio than even the brawny McLaren F1.


The automaker didn’t reveal the performance specifications, but we are sure the T.33 will be a quick leaper. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamics, it must also be easy to handle. Making it different from the T.50, there is no fan at the rear; instead, the new GMA has a ground effect inlet at the front that routes air beneath the vehicle in a useful way to a diffuser at the rear.

The tidy shape of the vehicle also doesn’t need vents and wings. However, Gordon Murray added an active spoiler that you can operate manually or automatically. The T.33 has 19-inch wheels at the front and 20-inchers at the rear wrapped in Michelin 4S tires.


On the inside, we see a clean greenhouse with no displays. The focus is driving convenience, but you can still see attractive high-quality materials like aluminium and carbon fibre. You will find an analog rpm gauge in front of you in this age of digital displays. You can say this GMA is pretty much a manual vehicle.

 However, it doesn’t mean GMA forgot to add the latest techs like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The boot space is not generous, but we are not explaining. You get almost 10 cubic feet of storage area, which should be enough for two.

Price & Availability

The GMA will produce T.33 in very limited numbers – 100 to be exact and the mid-engine car won’t come cheap. The starting price stands at £1.37 million, which is about US$1.8 million. The good news is it will be a global model for both left-hand and right-hand drive markets.

If you are interested, you can contact Gordon Murray Automotive now.

Source and Images: Motor1